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About Us

Eric Thomas comes to you with his 2200 pound, 15 foot, Lang 84 deluxe smoker/char-griller to make your next gathering unforgettable. 

Smoking Section was born from a passion for great BBQ. For those who don't know, BBQ is not cooking in your back yard. It is not a sauce, or a verb meaning any sort of grilling. BBQ is a process of slow cooking over low, indirect heat that coaxes delicious results from even the most stubborn cuts of meat. The products I present are of top quality and freshness, and many of the foods I serve spend anywhere from 4-16 hours in the cooker.

You are probably looking on here because you'd like to have a party of some sort, right?

Graduations, birthdays, retirements, Christenings, class reunions, Independence day celebrations...I've done it.

All great reasons to throw a party, but you really don't need any better reason than wanting to savor the taste of perfectly seasoned and smoked meats. Whether it is dry rubbed, injected, or sauced, I'm sure you will be reaching for "seconds" and I can't say I'd blame you.

Why stress out when I can do all the work while you get all the praise, and have time to enjoy your guests?

...and remember, any leftovers will be wrapped in a foil pan for you to keep.

I am eager to talk to you about your event and how I can make it both unique and delicious.

Go on over to the CONTACT US page to leave your info, or just call Eric directly @ 978-514-1344


by appointment. call any time before 11 p.m.

    Payment Policy - 1/2 of balance due 2 weeks prior to event. cash, paypal or personal check. no refunds.

6.25% Ma tax will be added to quoted price.

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